Part 1: YWA Adds Art to the Curriculum Thanks to The Sule Foundation’s Generous Gift

May 19, 2022 | Community Partners

Paula Goodloe, former math educator and current Program Coordinator of Dohn Community High School’s Young Women’s Academy (YWA) knew something didn‘t add up.

The students of YWA needed more than the regular academic curriculum. Ms. Goodloe was determined to find the answer. She knew the answer would not be within the science of math; but, like a scientist, she began by asking questions.

She began with a conversation with her students about what they thought might be missing. The answer was swift and clear: an activity that would provide self-expression, relaxation, and, fun.

From her growing up with exposure to theater and arts, Ms. Goodloe understood that what was missing in the YWA curriculum was, the arts. The final answer for which of the arts, again came from the young women: “drawing”!

“That answer was a surprise”, said Ms. Goodloe. “I expected to hear dance or vocal music. But, if fine art was the answer, fine art it would be”.

After discussions and guidance from Dohn’s development staff, a formal grant request was sent to a previous Dohn grantor, The Elsa Heisel Sule Foundation. The application requested funding for an art teacher and art supplies, from colored pencils to art tablets for each student.

The estimated cost for the fine art program and teacher was $13,300. The Dohn grant team met with Sule CEO  V. Ruth Klette and Sule Program Officer Jordan J. Klette-Cusher. The answer came in January, 2022, from Ms. Klette and The Sule Advisory Board who wrote:

“It is our pleasure to inform you that a grant was awarded to Dohn Community High School for the implementation of an Art Program at Dohn’s Young Women’s Academy”

Enclosed with the letter was a check for $13,300. Now, Ms. Goodloe could begin her search for a qualified professional art teacher. “I look forward to sharing that part of the story”, said Ms. Goodloe. The arts is about to become another class within the wide curriculum offered in YWA.

Stay tuned for upcoming articles on Dohn’s search for an inspiring art teacher, interviews with students about their self-expression and artistic journey, and much more!