A young Black woman wears glasses and studies at a desk.

Dohn Community High School

Young Women’s Academy

Your place to learn, grow and become the best version of yourself!

Dohn’s Young Women’s Academy Program prepares freshman and sophomore young women to be influencers in life with our unique approach to education.

About the Young Women’s Academy

Our holistic emphasis on cognitive, social, emotional, and character development is based on a program of flexibility. Dohn’s YWA program provides young women with options to create and focus on their individual futures, while being an integral part of a sister circle of radiance.

In addition to the academic curriculum, Dohn’s Young Women’s Academy also focuses on:


Options for college prep, career & job readiness


Physical education


Developing effective coping skills


Self-esteem building through creative self-expression


Practical, effective communication skills


Conflict resolution

A confident young Black woman participates in the program.

YWA changed me by showing me a way to keep pushing myself. They showed me that everything doesn’t need a bad reaction, that things can really be worked out calmly. I changed a lot this year! I got my credits up, missing work turned in, started coming to school every day and all because my teachers really care. Without them I probably wouldn’t be here today. I disliked school a lot last year – the drama, the messy kids stopped me from doing what needed to be done.


But after I came to YWA, I realized that doesn’t matter what they think, it’s about ME. I really want to thank Mrs. Goodloe and Security Dede for the lift up and the motivation the most. I think the incoming students will like it here. This school really makes you feel at home and teaches you a lot.


I love the family we built here, we connect well, and I wish I could stay in this program a little longer! I love how much they care and the effort they give. I want to say to all my teachers: Thank you so much!

—A. Davis

Create Your Individual Future Today!

For more details and to register contact:

Ms Paula Goodloe, Program Coordinator