A confident young man in nice clothes.

Dohn Community High School

Young Men’s Academy

At the Young Men’s Academy we understand success and we understand our students. We develop young men who are college, career, and life ready.

About Young Men’s Academy

Dohn’s Young Men’s Academy (YMA) represents the visionary leadership of our Director, Ramone Davenport, and his commitment to the full-spectrum success of our students. Since 2017 our freshman and sophomore, boys and girls, study at different campuses.

Our Belief

YMA boldy creates an environment that inspires young men to do their best and believe in their own potential. Belief in oneself is one of our greatest strengths.

Our Approach

Dohn uses a unique, holistic approach… “Mind, Body, and Soul” elements that address academic, social, and emotional needs. We prepare young men to be role models in life and build strong character.

Our Success

Students succeed with knowledge, emotional skills, and a positive attitude. Our students show tremendous growth in all areas of life.

Dohn Educates and Graduates!