Ways to Give

Dohn succeeds because of your support.

Corporate sponsors, foundations and grants, individual and family donors, alumni donors, and volunteers all make the difference at Dohn. Thank you!

We Rely on Your Support

Dohn Community High School educates Cincinnati’s forgotten youth. Through your help, our students create community, learn the discipline of showing up, and come to realize that have unique contributions in life.

In 2021-2022, Dohn celebrated its 20th year! This longevity is unprecedented for a charter school. We have this success because of current and past supporters, and sound fiscal management by the Board, visionary leadership, dedicated teachers and staff, and students who do not give up.

If you are a current or past contributor, please continue, and consider increasing your investment in Dohn Community High School. If you are new, welcome, and thank you!

If you are needing further information, please contact Lauren Weissman, Development Coordinator: 513-281-6100 x1082, lweissman@dohncincy.org.

Thank You to Our Community Partners

Greater Cincinnati Foundation
United Way of Greater Cincinnati
Cincinnati State
Half Price Books
Tidal Babe Period Bank
Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank
Ohio Valley Foundation
Cincinnati State

Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Thank you for your caring and kind consideration of donations to Dohn. We are a 5013c nonprofit organization. Our tax ID number is Our Tax ID is 311672272. 100% of all donations are applied according to donor stipulations.

Donate Online

You can donate through our online portal, which uses donorbox, a secure and confidential platform for giving. On this platform, you can choose a one-time donation or a monthly donation.

Send a Check

You can give by mailing a check made out to Dohn Community High School. Please note any specific funding focus on the memo part of the check or in an accompanying note.

Mail your donation to:

Dohn Community High School
Attn: Lauren Weissman, Development Coordinator
608 E. McMillan Street, Cincinnati, OH 45206

You can call Lauren Weissman, Development Coordinator, to ask questions about your donation focus or method. All information is kept confidential. You can reach Lauren at: 513-281-6100 x1082, lweissman@dohncincy.org.

Donate through your Donor Advised Funds, Stock Portfolios, Retirement Funds, and Insurance Policies

You can talk with your investment advisor about donating to Dohn through parts of your financial portfolio. Lauren Weissman is happy to explore options and answer questions you or your financial advisor have. You can contact her at 513-281-6100 x1082 or lweissman@dohncincy.org.

Leave a Legacy

Consider including Dohn in your estate planning. Talk with your family, your attorney, or your financial advisor about including Dohn as part of your legacy. Lauren Weissman, Development Coordinator, is available to answer questions regarding a legacy gift. You can contact her at 513-281-6100 x1082 or lweissman@dohncincy.org.

How Your Investment in Dohn Helps

Your Donations Fuel Dohn’s Success! Thank You for Partnering With Us.

Dohn opened its doors in 2001. It was touch and go during the first years. Since 2007 Dohn has had sound fiscal management through Board Oversight and the disciplined responsibility of our internal Financial Team.

Dohn students often fall into the “forgotten” category. Other school systems have left them behind. Many of our teenagers arrive at Dohn reading at the second-to fifth-grade reading level. Students get their educational and teenage growth and development needs met at Dohn. That number one marketing tool – word of mouth – contributes to our success. Our continually growing enrollment has led to eight locations, two in Downtown Cincinnati, two in Walnut Hills, and one each in Avondale, Colerain, Roselawn, and Westwood.

The bulk of our funding comes from the State of Ohio Foundation payments based on enrollment and attendance. While these funds do make a difference, they are not sufficient to meet our Mission’s programming needs to help Dohn students find viable post-secondary career paths that are a match for them.

Your funding helps with programming that enables teenagers to become more proficient in reading capacity and comprehension. Your investment helps find support, self-understanding, and the ability to build healthy relationships through counseling services and mentoring. Your partnering with Dohn allows our teens to have field trips where they can get out of their urban environment for a day and discover a new slice of life that had been unknown to them. Your donation in Dohn makes it possible for Cincinnati’s forgotten youth to be remembered and to claim success in life.

THANK YOU for partnering with Dohn by investing in the education and fulfilling futures of Cincinnati’s vital urban youth. Due to the centuries-old impact of racial inequity, many of our students’ families cannot help them in how the families of Cincinnati’s other teens can. Through your kind and caring generosity, you become part of the legacy of success for teens who need that help.

Donation FAQs

Dohn Community High School is a 5013c nonprofit charity. Our Tax ID number is EIN 311672272. All contributions are tax-deductible according to current tax laws. No goods or services are provided in exchange for your donation.

Thank you letters are generally sent within two days of receiving a donation. Tax receipt letters are issued for all donations $250.00 or higher made with postmarks on or before December 31 in each calendar year. The tax receipt letters are emailed or mailed in mid-January of each year. If you need a tax receipt for your donation at another time during the year, let Lauren Weissman, Development Coordinator, know. She can be reached at 513-281-6100 x1082 or lweissman@dohncincy.org. Upon your request, your tax receipt will be sent to you promptly.

Q: What percentage of my donation will go directly to projects?
A: 100% of your donation is applied according to your stipulations.

Q: Does Dohn accept in-kind donations?
A: Yes, in some circumstances. Please call 513-281-6100 x1082 or lweissman@dohncincy.org, Lauren Weissman, Development Coordinator, to discuss your plans for an in-kind donation.

Q: Can I receive a charitable receipt for an in-kind?
A: In-kind donations of goods and services that can be documented as having a value of $250 or more do receive a tax receipt.

Q: I want my donation to go to a specific Dohn program or purpose. How can I do this?
A: You can note the intention of your donation on the online donate platform. You can also write the intention of your donation on the memo line of your check on include that information on a note when you mail the check. Or you can call 513-281-6100 x1082 or lweissman@dohncincy.org, Lauren Weissman, Development Coordinator, and communicate to her how you would like your investment in Dohn be applied.

Q: How can I find out about the impact of my investment?
A: We do our best to issue impact reports throughout the year on the outcomes of donors’ caring, kind generosity. We do this through email most of the time, and sometimes regular mail and our newsletter (subscribe to Dohn Newsletter here) and our FaceBook page (Dohn Panther Pride Link). You can always call Lauren Weissman, Development Coordinator, to find out more about the impact of your giving.

Q: Does Dohn sell, rent, or trade donor information (eg., mailing and email addresses) to other agencies?
A: Dohn has not ever and has no intention of selling or trading donor information.

Donor Bill of Rights

Under the CARES Act, which was extended into 2021, those who file individual/single non-itemized tax returns can deduct up to $300 for non-profit donations, and those who file married/joint non-itemized tax returns can deduct up to $600. For those who itemize their returns, 100% of adjusted income credit is allowed.

IRS-Expanded Tax Benefits

Support Dohn’s Programs Today

For more information, to donate, or to become our Community Partner, please contact:
Lauren Weissman, Development Director: 513-281-6100, x1082.