Dohn Virtual Walk or Run
supporting the
Dohn 2020 Fundraising
Technology Campaign

Dohn Community High School wants to promote a healthy lifestyle during these difficult times while still practicing social distancing, so why not get your feet moving to benefit Dohn students!

Many Dohn students do not have adequate technology to successfully utilize online learning. Proceeds from this event goes towards “Dohn 2020 Fundraising Technology Campaign”. To learn more about this campaign, click here.


Dohn Virtual Walk or Run
Friday, May 15 – Friday, June 5 • You can jump in at anytime to participate

How it works:

  • Track the number of your steps walked or ran each week. You can use your Fitbit or any step tracking app on your cell phone
  • You have 3 weeks to accumulate as many steps as possible. You can jump in at anytime to participate!
  • Email your total “step count” each Friday: May 22, May 29, and June 5 by 11:59pm to virtualwalk@dohncincy.orgEach week start your count over and will be total for your final count
  • The entry fee is $25.00

To Register: To participate in the walk/run, CLICK HERE.
All registered participants in the walk/run will be recognized at the end of Dohn’s Virtual Walk.

  • Tier 1 – Participants tracked at least 200,000 steps and will receive a certificate of completion, a keychain, and a t-shirt with recognition.
  • Tier 2 – Participants tracked at least 50,000 steps and will receive a certificate of completion and a keychain with recognition.
  • Tier 3 – Participants didn’t track steps, but wanted to partake and will receive a certificate of completion with recognition.

Can’t participate but want to donate to the campaign? We understand that some people are unable to participate, for various reasons. You can still support us with a donation – Donate HERE

For further information or questions please contact us at

Thank you for lacing up your walking or running shoes and supporting Dohn students!!

Stay safe and well!


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