Thank You, Rosenthal Family Foundation, for Generous Funding of Dohn’s New Keep Teen Moms in School Program

Jun 17, 2019 | Community Partners

The Rosenthal Family Foundation has generously funded Dohn’s new Keep Teen Moms in School (KTMIS) program with a $25,000.00 Grant Award. This award provides pregnant and parenting teens from Hamilton County the opportunity to continue with their high school education through a program that includes onsite daycare, parenting classes, easy access to prenatal care, and a focus on early literacy, along with traditional high school classes.

Dohn is thrilled to receive this funding support from the Rosenthal Foundation, as it helps lift two generations out of poverty.  Approximately half of the pregnant teens do not complete high school.  KTMIS changes that outcome for Hamilton County teens by offering comprehensive support. Dohn’s partners in this program, to date, including Above and Beyond Daycare, Cradle Cincinnati, Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, and more partnerships to come.

While there are many comprehensive programs for pregnant and parenting teen moms throughout the county, KTMIS is the first in Cincinnati, a city with a high rate of teen high school dropouts, and high rates of Black maternal and child mortality.  Dohn is thrilled to partner with community philanthropists like the Rosenthal Family Foundation, and community providers, like the ones mentioned above, to be making a difference through this pivotal program for Cincinnati’s teen moms. Dohn looks forward to adding teen dads in programming in the second year of operation.

If you are pregnant or parenting teen and want more information, please contact  The KTMIS program starts on August 5, 2019.