A white woman with short hair holds a sign that says "this school counselor is on fire".

Dohn Community High School


We are a team of educational, mental health professionals dedicated to helping our students reach their fullest potential through academic, career, social, and personal support.

We advocate for students by collaborating with parents and staff and networking with local community services and resources.

For general questions, call 513-281-6100 or email info@dohncincy.org.

Academic Advising Contact Information

Your advisor is here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact them for assistance. Look for your campus below for your assigned advisor.


 Shayla White – Lead Academic Advisor

608 E McMillan St Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

swhite@dohncincy.org  Cell 513-764-4881


Rondale Dixon 

COTA 9 & 10 – 2612 Gilbert Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

rdixon@dohncincy.org  Cell 513-537-0497


Nina Waller 

East – 2601 Melrose Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 

nwaller@dohncincy.org  Cell 513-537-0498


Ruben Irons 

North – 7710 Reading Rd Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

rirons@dohncincy.org  Cell 513-957-1983


Mike Schorr 

Colerain – 5545 Colerain Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

gschorr@dohncincy.org   Cell 513-879-2628




Adrian Blasingame

South – 135 West Fourth St Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

ablasingame@dohncincy.org   Landline – 513-872-7058


Robin Burch 

West/DVA – 2420 Harrison Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

rburch@dohncincy.org   Landline – 513-281-6100 ext. 1017


Carmen Sneed 

COTA 12 – 608 E Mcmillan St Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Career Center – 2900 Gilbert Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

csneed@dohncincy.org    Cell 513-879-2544


Ashley Morris 

Hamilton – 1220 Eaton Ave Hamilton, Ohio 45011 

COTA 11 – 608 E Mcmillan St Cincinnati, Ohio 45206 

Cell 513-764-0553   amorris@dohncincy.org


Ariq Johnson 

KTMIS – 3015 Gilbert Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Cell 513-764-0490   arijohnson@dohncincy.org

Your Safety and Well-Being are Important!

Counselors do not maintain 24/7 access to their phone and email. If this is a counseling emergency that cannot wait until the next business day, please reach out to one of these resources:

Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255

Talbert House Crisis Line (Hamilton County): Call 513-281-2273 or text Talbert to 839863

Crisis Text Line: text “HELLO,” “START,” or “HOME” to 741741

Safe Schools Tip Line: Call or text 844-723-3764