Sports Advertising Opportunities & Sponsorship Tiers

Dohn Community High School (2001) and Dohn Prep Program (2017) invite you to join us as advertisers and sponsors. 2017 is the first year of a program that is certain to grow through the success of our Football and Basketball teams and the attraction our new location, 4100 Reading Road, Cincinnati, Ohio, is magnetizing within the community. Moe Cooper is Football Head Coach.  

The gymnasium is open to the public during afterschool and weekend hours.  Exposure to your banner ads and TV scroll advertising is maximized to a community-wide audience, as ours is the only recreational and sports facility like it in the area.

The 2013 Ohio Department of Transportation statistic for traffic past our building estimates 11,740 cars in a 24-hour period. (click here for report link)The curb appeal of our building attracts the attention of the thousands of drivers who travel this road. Our name has high visibility from the road and a corporate naming opportunity is available.

Community Connections Drive Sales

Our total number of enrolled students in the 2016-2017 academic year was 830 students and our staff numbers 100 adults.  All students, staff, and faculty are active supporters of our sports teams, and attend games with family and friends.

We are the lead organization in the Cincinnati Charter School Consortium, composed of local Cincinnati Charter Schools educating students K-12. This Consortium is an active partner in our sports program, as students, staff, and families of these schools attend Dohn Athletic games and these schools use our gym facilities.  

Return on investment of your advertising and media buy dollars in one of our Sports Advertising Packages comes through exposure in markets that might be new to your brand. Interest in our program is strong and growing. We are community-based and invite you to become an active part of our thriving community.

To learn more about these advertising opportunities, contact:
Nigel Madaris, Athletic Director Dohn Community High School and Dohn Prep Program
T: 513-281-6100 ext 1020 • C: 513-846-0977 •  E:

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