Smart Boards – A Huge Impact on Teaching and Learning

Oct 28, 2021 | Community Partners

You may have heard our call to action: “Be The Difference. Make The Difference”. Dohn Community High School has had 20 years of success, in part because of the support from our donors and grantors. This supplemental generosity helps Dohn go the extra mile to really connect with, educate and graduate our marginalized, at-risk students.

This past Summer, a Gracious Donor, wishing to remain anonymous, awarded Dohn Community High School a grant to purchase four SmartBoards for our Dohn Corps Program. After some supply chain delay, the SmartBoards have arrived, are installed, and in use! There are many benefits to using interactive whiteboards in the classroom: they encourage student engagementby making the learning process more enjoyable; they make teaching more efficient and effective by allowing instructors to preload power-points or use the internet to find alternative explanations to a boggling question.

Dohn Corps Math Teacher, John Hassel, offers his feedback: “The language of math is a foreign language to most students. The vocabulary of math is the most important component of math. Giving students a VISUAL of a math term will greatly increase a student’s comprehension. 80% of us are visual learners. The Smart Boards offer a way to “picture” math terms, giving them a better understanding, which exponentially increases their chances at grasping concepts and succeeding in the subject.”

No more turning their backs to write on the board, teachers are able to educate more creatively, and give much more one-on-one attention to their class. This much needed technological upgrade has already made a big difference, and we anticipate seeing a rise in attendance, grades, and graduation rate as a result. It’s Making a Difference!