Jared Oubre, Dohn’s Senior English Teacher, interviews a Dohn CHS studentMartha “Scars” stayed home in grades 6 – 11 before attending Dohn Community High School due to an ongoing struggle with mental health. Her diagnosed illnesses include several challenges such as Dissociative Identity Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, and other seemingly insurmountable obstacles in her life that upon closer inspection from this interview raise more questions than answers. Martha remains steadfast in her efforts of resolution and understanding as she eloquently and honestly shares how she navigates the maze of personalities in her head, delusional thoughts that impale her beautiful mind, and a powerful sense of self that makes you question your morality.

In return, Martha asks for nothing more than an empathetic ear, compassion for understanding without prejudice, and a chance that you may take a brief moment to sojourn in her world so that you hopefully come to appreciate the struggle that mental health brings to those that deal with it daily.