Once again, Dohn Partners with Sweet Cheeks to Supply Diapers and Period Kits

May 1, 2020 | Community Partners

Throughout the 2019-2020 school year, Dohn is once again partnering with Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank to help local moms and teens in need. Through this partnership, our students gain volunteer hours for their education requirements. On volunteer days, they have fun helping pack diapers and sanitary supplies as they learn about working at a fulfillment business.

Diaper banks exist across the country, and we celebrate that Cincinnati has Sweet Cheeks to provide a gap supply of diapers to teen moms, and through Tidal Babe, a Period Bank (a gap supply of sanitary products).

Growing and branching out

Because the diaper bank is growing, it moved to a new location in 2019. The new address in Lower Price Hill is 1440 State Ave., Cincinnati 45204. In 2019, Sweet Cheeks distributed: 

  • 1,553,340 diapers
  • 681 Potty Training Toolkits
  • 7,583 Period Kits

As these testimonial show, the supplies are a lifesaver to new moms struggling financially:

“Sweet Cheeks have helped me a lot: now I don’t have to get a ride to get diapers; and I can use the diaper money for food and clothes. If it wasn’t for Sweet Cheeks, I don’t know where I would be or how things would be, but I do know it would be way harder than it is now.”


“I receive fifty diapers a month. It’s a great benefit to receive so many diapers, because my child seems to go through at least ten a day, and Sweet Cheeks helped me and my family save a lot of money. I knew I could count on Sweet Cheeks whenever I needed more diapers. This made me feel more comfortable and less stressed when caring for my baby. I really appreciate the help.”


“I feel like I’m a better mother because I can afford to change my baby’s diaper whenever he needs it. He is really sensitive; when he has a wet diaper, he cries until he gets changed. With Sweet Cheeks, he has fewer diaper rashes, and I get more sleep!”


“Thanks so much for helping me by providing great service and great diapers.”

Helping their own

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank works because it is well-connected to the Cincinnati nonprofit, corporate, and philanthropy communities. The agency excels in this community connection, and Dohn is proud to be one of their 44 nonprofit partners.

Dohn students often need gap supplies of diapers and/or period products, so they experience the value of Sweet Cheeks firsthand, and are happy to volunteer, give back and support the nonprofit again this year.