KTMIS Think Tank

Nov 21, 2022 | Community Partners

Dohn’s Keeping Teen Moms In School (KTMIS) Program gathered a group of wonderful community members to participate in a ‘Think Tank’; brainstorming ways to improve the area and make it feel more like home for the student moms and their babies.

We were thrilled by the enthusiasm and thoughtful feedback we received. After some reflection, we were able to narrow down the long list of suggestions to the following needs/wants:

  • Install a privacy fence around the outdoor yard/play area for student and child safety
  • Construct a ‘She-Shed’ to serve as a calming and reflective space for students to decompress
  • Purchase more comfortable and welcoming seating, especially for pregnant students
  • Hang inspirational artwork on walls: quotes from current Black female figures, uplifting images
  • Clear out and flatten side yard for more outdoor usage; plant flowers and paint exterior

We will now begin a search for funding and resources for these projects and will keep you posted!

Did you know that KTMIS is the only program of its kind in the Midwest, and only one of a handful in the country? More than ever, there is a need for a model of education suitable for pregnant teens and mothers. Not only must these students keep up on their academic credits in order to graduate, but they are learning about their changing bodies and how to care for their babies at the same time. KTMIS was created to give these students the tools they need to navigate through this pivotal stage of their lives and set them up for future success.

If anyone is interested in taking a tour of KTMIS and meeting the amazing Program Director, Ania Nelson, and her staff, please contact Lauren Weissman, Development Director, at lweissman@dohncincy.org

We’d love to see you!

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