Dohn Community High School

KTMIS Keeping Teen Moms in School

KTMIS is a program that offers a supportive academic community for pregnant teens and teen moms.


Keeping Teen Moms in School (KTMIS), an alternative educational path at Dohn Community High School, is one of the few programs in the country and the ONLY program in the state of Ohio to offer a supportive, academic community for pregnant teens and teen moms.

Our non-traditional school uniquely meets the emotional and academic needs of our student moms and offers many opportunities for them to graduate on time and step onto a career path that is aligned with innate skills and interests.

A child wears a shirt that says "my mommy did it, KTMIS"

Access to transportation to and from school


Free breakfast and lunch, daily


Parenting classes and hands-on mentorship


Job placement services

Support for Young Mothers

One of the most exciting things about KTMIS is that our teen moms have access to an onsite learning center for their infants and toddlers. The young moms can check on their babies (to nurse, for a brief cuddle, or to read them a book) during the 8:30-1:00 school day.

Girls receive an on-site, hands-on learning experience in becoming a new mom with the guidance of their mentor and Program Coordinator Ms. Ania Nelson.

KTMIS partners with the Public Library of Cincinnati, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, Healthy Periods, and other organizations that help KTMIS offer the support and resources the girls really need in order to succeed as a student and as a parent.

“KTMIS was a lifeline! They gave me transportation, childcare, and help balancing school and parenting. They always had my back. It was like joining a very stable extended family whose only goal was to get me to graduation. I learned as much about being a good mom as I did about my class subjects!”

Questions and Enrollment

Please contact Ms. Nelson: call 513-426-6217 or email