Dohn Community High School

Crossroad Health Center

Students and their families can be seen at this Health Center, staffed by a Family Nurse Practitioner, for physicals, sports physicals, immunizations, and routine health care that is not an emergency.

Located at Taft Elementary School
270 Southern Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45219

Who Can Use the Health Center

Students from Dohn Community High School, Dohn Prep Academy, 22+ Adult program, their children and their parents and grandparents can be seen at Crossroad Health Center.

How to Make an Appointment

Step One: Consent Form

Download the consent form or pick one up from the registrar or secretary at your school location.

The consent form has to be received by Crossroad before the appointment. Drop the consent form off at Crossroad make sure to check their current hours before you go.

Step Two: Schedule Your Appointment

  • Call the Health Center at 513-363-5624.
  • Tell them the reason for your visit.
  • Make sure to show up on time for your appointment.

Why Use the Crossroad Health Center

Students do not realize that when they use an emergency department for routine and non-emergency health care, one visit can cost thousands of dollars. While the student or family might not pay that, the bill can follow the student’s credit record and get in the way of buying a car or a house later on.

It is also good to have a regular health care provider, one who sees you each visit and can get to know you and your health concerns. Using Crossroad Health Center costs less and is covered by most student and family insurance coverage plans.


Crossroad Health Center, 270 Southern Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45219.