Gun Safety Program Coming to Dohn CHS

Dec 22, 2021 | Dohn Programs, News

These days, anything having to do with guns, especially concerning children and teens, is controversial.

A link to recent news coverage of this event is below. 

Recently Dohn’s sister school, DAMPE Community School, implemented a gun safety training class for its students. Around 80% of the students have witnessed or experienced some form of gun violence in their lives. Principal Tonjarene Bronston explains that this gun safety class was part of her holistic approach to educating her students, almost all of whom live at or below the poverty line in the inner-city of Cincinnati. For years, America has been training its teachers in gun safety, and it is also being extended to its students. 

At Dohn Community High School, the safety of our own students is of utmost importance. Executive Director Ramone Davenport (CEO of Cincinnati Charter School Collaborative, of which DAMPE is a member) will be rolling out a gun safety program at Dohn in January 2022.

What is your experience? What do you think?