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• 2021 – 2022 Dohn’s Safe Return to In-person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan 

Enrollment Form: Ages 14-21
Cosmetology and Barbering Program
Dohn Prep Academy

Student athletes are offered additional classes to help prep for the collegiate athletics program. Click here to learn more.

Dohn Corps

Young Men's Academy: 9th & 10th Grade

Dohn’s Young Men’s Academy represents the visionary leadership of our Director, Ramone Davenport, and his commitment to the full-spectrum success of our students.  In 2017-2018, Dohn opened the Fitness Academy where our freshman and sophomore students are educated.  At this location, 4100 Reading Road, students receive 90-minutes of physical fitness education, including physical fitness classes and a physical fitness elective of the student’s choosing. These electives include gym, dance, boxing and weight room workouts, all under the supervision of our physical fitness educators. 

Healthy nutrition is another focus of our Fitness Academy, with nutrition and health classes as part of the academic curriculum, and a total banning of all unhealthy snacks for students.

The Fitness Academy is where our Athletic Department is based. There is a regulation-size basketball court on the first floor of this building, as well as areas for track and a gym. Dohn holds school assemblies in this beautifully renovated location, that also houses our vertical tower garden for indoor, winter gardening by our Garden Club.

During the Academic Year, freshman and sophomore boys are educated at the Fitness Academy, while freshman and sophomore girls are educated at our Main Campus, 608 E. McMillan Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45206.

Learn more about our Fitness Academy Athletic teams here…

Young Women's Academy: 9th & 10th Grade
Traditional Program: 11th & 12th Grade

Students are in a traditional learning environment with smaller class sizes. Credit recovery for students is built into the school day. More information coming soon.

Keeping Teen Moms in School (KTMIS)

Keeping Teen Moms in School (KTMIS) alternative academic path at Dohn Community High School is one of the few programs in the country that offer a supportive, academic community for pregnant teens and teen moms. Our non-traditional school uniquely meets the emotional and academic needs of our student moms and offers many opportunities for them to graduate on time, and step onto a career path that is aligned with innate skills and interests.

One of the most exciting parts of KTMIS is that our teen moms have access to an onsite learning Center for their infants and toddlers. The young moms, therefore, can check on their babies during the 8:30-1:00 school day. Likewise, several days a week, the teen moms bring their babies back to the academic classroom for a twenty-minute mother/child reading session to encourage proactive reading inside and outside the classroom.

Besides the traditional high school curriculum and onsite childcare, KTMIS offers transportation to and from school, parenting classes, early childhood literacy training, and job placement services. KTMIS also partners with Cradle Cincinnati, the Public Library of Cincinnati, Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank, and many others.

To register for KTMIS call 513-281-6100 and ask for Mrs. Nelson KTMIS or email

GATE Magnet Academy

GATE Magnet Academy is a new exciting college experience program being offered in partnership with Chatfield College. Students express interest or are recommended for the program. Students who earn “A’s” and “B’s” are encouraged to apply. Students must meet the qualifications in order to be considered for the program. Space is limited. The program is free.

Students must take a placement test called, “Accuplacer” and score “College Ready.” The program is open to all 9th – 12th grade students. Students will be admitted into the program twice per school year—once for Fall Semester and once for Spring Semester.

Students will take two Chatfield College classes a few days per week. Students will be dismissed from Chatfield College on those days. On the other days per week, they will take their high school courses on the East Campus located at 2601 Melrose Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45206.

Transportation to Chatfield College is provided. Breakfast and lunch is provided. Students meet every day at the East Campus. The high school program runs from 7:45am to 1:00pm and the college program runs from 7:45am – 3:00pm.

Students earn high school and college credit through a process called, “Dual Enrollment.” Students have full access to all of the resources and services offered at Chatfield College. In collaboration with Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor, the student works with an Academic Advisor to choose their college courses.

Support is provided by Mr. Rodney Norwood and Mrs. Diane Lang. They are Transition Coordinators. They lead study groups. They accompany the students to Chatfield College and build relationships with the professors. Students must wear their school uniforms on the days they attend the high school.

Contact Information:

Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor, M.Ed., Director/School Counselor

Email:  Phone: 513-999-8849

College Credit Plus Program

Students who would like to earn high school and college credit at the same time called, “Dual Enrollment” can apply for the College Credit Plus Program. In the CCP Program, the student may stay in their current building (i.e., Main, North, South, East, Fitness Academy) and program (i.e., Active, Transitions, etc.) They take college classes after school. Transportation to the college is not provided. Grades 9-12 are encouraged to apply.

Students must take a test called, the “Accuplacer,” “ACT,” or “SAT” and score “college-ready” to be admitted into the CCP program. The program is free. Students do not need to wear their school uniform while at college.

Once admitted into the program, students will have full access to the resources and services available at the college such as tutoring, writing center, disability services, computer lab, library, etc. Students will have an official college student ID. They will be assigned an Academic Advisor who will help them choose their college courses in collaboration with Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor for the CCP program.

Textbooks are provided. A meal for after school is not provided. Dohn Community High School has a partnership with Chatfield College. The deadline to apply to Chatfield College for the Fall Semester is May 3rd, Spring Semester is November 2nd, and the Summer Semester is April 12th.

However, you may apply to any participating Ohio public college or university as well as participating Ohio private colleges or universities. You must meet the eligibility requirements and follow the admissions process of the college or university of your choice.

CCP Program Application Process:

  1. Submit a Letter of Intent to Participate in CCP Form and the CCP Authorization Worksheet to Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor by April 1st.
  2. Meet with Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor to review program eligibility, granting academic credits, financial arrangements for tuition, textbooks, and fees, transportation aid, support services, scheduling, consequences, benefits, academic and social responsibilities, college counseling services, and receive the standard packet of information.
  3. Complete the online application at if your choice is Chatfield College. Otherwise, complete the online application at the college of your choice.
  4. Provide all official previous high school transcripts to Dohn Community High School.
  5. Take and score “college ready” on the Accuplacer, ACT, or SAT tests.
  6. Receive acceptance into the CCP program.
  7. Attend a CCP Orientation.
  8. Meet with the Academic Advisor to schedule classes.
  9. Receive textbooks, give a copy of your receipt, and a class schedule to Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor.



Contact Information

Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor, M.Ed.

School Counselor


Phone: 513-999-8849




College Credit Plus Annual Notice


College Credit Plus (CCP) became Ohio’s only dual enrollment program in the fall of 2015. Over 54,000 students have participated in the first academic year of CCP at 71 institutions of higher education. The purpose of the program is to provide to Ohio’s students rigorous academic options. CCP is one of the many strategies employed in Ohio to meet the Attainment Goal of 65% of Ohio’s citizens earning a degree, certificate, or other postsecondary workforce credential of value in the workplace by 2025.

CCP provides an exciting and valuable opportunity for eligible students in grades 9-12 to take advantage of college courses, which will allow them to earn dual credit for both high school and college. The state of Ohio has a partnership with all Ohio public colleges and universities to help with this educational initiative.


Students who participate in CCP do not have to pay for tuition, fees, or textbooks if they attend a participating public college or university. There are potential costs if a student chooses to participate in CCP at a private college or university. Dohn Community High School cannot charge economically disadvantaged students who choose to attend a private college or university.

General Criteria for Participation

Students and parents or legal guardians are required to attend a counseling session with their School Counselor prior to participation in the CCP program. 

Students must submit a written notice of their intent to participate in the upcoming academic year by April 1 in accordance with section 3365.03 of the Revised Code, but may submit the written notice of intent to participate as early as February 15. 

Students desiring to participate in CCP in the summer are strongly encouraged to submit letters of intent and begin the admissions process starting in February and prior to the April 1 notice on intent deadline in order to improve chances of meeting summer registration timelines. If a student participates in a summer term and transfers to a new high school, it is the responsibility of the student to notify the college or university and the student’s prior and new high school of the transfer.

Students may be concurrently enrolled in multiple colleges or universities and may take CCP courses from more than one institution of higher education. Students can take CCP courses online or a combination of online and on campus. Students should review the course catalog of the college or university for a full listing of course offerings by the institution.

Chatfield College Criteria for Participation

To be eligible to participate, a student must score remediation-free on the Accuplacer placement test. If a student scores within 1 standard error of measurement below the remediation-free threshold and the student has a 3.0 GPA, the student is eligible. If a student scores within 1 standard error of measurement below the remediation-free threshold and the student receives a recommendation from a School Counselor or principal, the student is eligible.


For Chatfield College:

The deadline for the fall term is May 3.

The deadline for the spring term is November 2.

The deadline for the summer term is April 12.

Awarding of Grades

With careful selection of courses, students can earn college credit that can count towards a degree when they later enroll as college freshmen. Dohn Community High School will use the Carnegie unit scale in order to award the student on their high school transcript. 3 or more semester credit hour college courses satisfies 1 full high school credit. The grade a student receives from the college or university course will be the same grade the student receives for the high school equivalent.

Student Registration

Students can earn up to 30 credits per year, which includes high school only credits. A maximum of 120 credits can be earned throughout the program. The 30 credits include summer semester, which is considered the beginning of the academic year.

End of Course Examinations

CCP courses in the subject area will satisfy the End of Course graduation requirement of American History, American Government, and Biology. The college course grade earned under CCP test score may earn graduation points in place of the end of course tests. Dohn Community High School must administer the Biology end of course examination to all students per federal testing requirements. A student completing a CCP course in American History or American Government does not need to sit for the end of course examinations in the subject area and may earn graduation points based on their letter grade in the course.

Underperforming Students

When students fail a CCP class, they will receive an F on both the high school and college transcripts. The course grade of F will be computed into the high school and college grade point average. Students may not be prohibited from participating in the CCP program as long as the students meet all eligibility requirements for the program. Students can continue to participate regardless of underperforming in previous classes.

Grade Dispute Appeal

If there is a dispute between Dohn Community High School and a participant regarding high school credits granted for a course, the participant may appeal the decision to the Ohio Department of Education. The decision regarding any high school credits granted under this section is final.

Athletic Eligibility

Student athletes must remain eligible in accordance with the Ohio High School Athletic Association bylaws. To be athletically eligible, students must be passing 5, 1-credit courses or the equivalent per grading period with Dohn Community High School and college courses combined. Most CCP courses taken during a semester will equal 1 Carnegie unit, allowing students to earn more than the required 5 for athletic eligibility.

Model Course Pathways

Chatfield College: Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

15 Credit Pathway 

ENG 101 English Composition I 3 Credits
POL 113 U.S. Government 3 Credits
MAT 125 College Algebra 3 Credits
HIS 275 History of Christianity 3 Credits
SPE 125 Oral Communications 3 Credits
1st Semester Total: 15 Credits


30 Credit Pathway (Combined with the 15 Credit Pathway)

ENG 102 English Composition II 3 Credits
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology 3 Credits
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology 3 Credits
SCI 101 General Biology 3 Credits
INF 125 Introduction to Computers 3 Credits
2nd Semester Total: 15 Credits


CCP Coordinator

The CCP Coordinator is Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor, M.Ed. She may be reached at 513-999-8849. She can answer questions of students, parents, and the community regarding the program’s operation. She is also the liaison to the state of Ohio to monitor future changes or amendments to the program. 

Success Academy: Ages 19-21

Students who have dropped out of high school before completing all credits needed for graduation can recover missing credits, working at their own pace, and with a schedule that is flexible to accommodate work and family requirements. Our Success Academy students study with other students their age and are guided by teachers and tutors dedicated to their academic and life success.  Success Academy classes are offered at three locations:

  • Melrose Campus in Avondale
  • North Campus in Roselawn
  • South Campus, Downtown, Cincinnati
Transition Program

Students with family or job responsibilities can take advantage of a shorter school day. Homework assignments contribute to the full school day experience, required by the Ohio Department of Education. Our Transition Academy students enjoy a blended learning atmosphere, with self-paced learning and direct instruction guided by teachers and tutors dedicated to their academic and life success. Students study with students their age and with life responsibilities similar to their own. Transition Academy classes are offered at three locations, our Melrose Campus in Avondale, our North Campus in Roselawn, and our South Campus, Downtown, Cincinnati.

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