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Programs are listed in alphabetical order.

College Credit Plus

Dohn Community High School participates in Ohio’s dual enrollment program, College Credit Plus (CCP).  For questions, and to enroll, contact Ms. Elizabeth Owusu-Korkor, 513-281-6100, x1061 or email:

Learn more about this program here: Dohn College Credit Plus

Dohn Prep Academy

Student athletes are offered additional classes to help prep for the collegiate athletics program.

Click here to learn more.

Fitness Academy: 9th & 10th Grade

Dohn’s Fitness Academy represents the visionary leadership of our Director, Ramone Davenport, and his commitment to the full-spectrum success of our students.  In 2017-2018, Dohn opened the Fitness Academy where our freshman and sophomore students are educated.  At this location, 4100 Reading Road, students receive 90-minutes of physical fitness education, including physical fitness classes and a physical fitness elective of the student’s choosing.  These electives include gym, dance, boxing and weight room workouts, all under the supervision of our physical fitness educators. 

Healthy nutrition is another focus of our Fitness Academy, with nutrition and health classes as part of the academic curriculum, and a total banning of all unhealthy snacks for students.

The Fitness Academy is where our Athletic Department is based. There is a regulation-size basketball court on the first floor of this building, as well as areas for track and a gym.  Dohn holds school assemblies in this beautifully renovated location, that also houses our vertical tower garden for indoor, winter gardening by our Garden Club.

During the Academic Year 2018-2019, freshman and sophomore boys are educated at the Fitness Academy, while freshman and sophomore girls are educated at our Main Campus, 608 E. McMillan Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45206.

Catch a glimpse of our Fitness Academy below, and come visit us during one of our basketball season home games.

Learn more about our Fitness Academy Athletic teams here…

GATE Magnet Academy

GATE Magnet Academy, Gifted and Talented Education, is a new, accelerated learning program for Cincinnati high school students.  Cincinnati’s academically advanced high school students do have options, however, those options come with enrollment limits and often, high costs.  GATE Magnet Academy is a tuition-free magnet charter school that allows students the opportunity to work on college credits while completing their high school education. Student advancement is determined by performance levels, rather than age or grade levels.

GATE’s college partner school, Cincinnati State. Cincinnati State has established its College Credit Plus (CCP) program as a vital and effective component of the state’s integrated strategies to enhance students’ college and career readiness and postsecondary success.

GATE joins the well-established field of advanced learning for Cincinnati High School students starting with Fall Enrollment, Academic Year 2018-2019.  GATE does offer open enrollment, depending upon availability.

More details here.

High School: Ages 14-18

Dohn is a dropout recovery school with open enrollment. These means that students can start anytime throughout the academic year. Many students are starting to come to Dohn as freshman, as we create a community that is responsive to the needs of inner-city youth.

Another way that Dohn distinguishes itself is that grade promotion is determined by student effort, rather than age or grade level. We offer credit recovery options, for both the student who needs to recover credits due to dropping out, and for students who want to accelerate their learning. Read about one student who accelerated her high school education here.

For the first time in Dohn’s 17-year history, Dohn is segregating freshman and sophomore classes by gender.  Freshman and sophomore girls will attend school at our Main Campus, 608 E. McMillan St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45206.  Freshman and sophomore boys will attend classes at our Fitness Academy, 4100 Reading Road, Avondale, Cincinnati, Ohio 45229.

We make this change to gender-segregated learning to support our youth with an enhanced focus on academic and life-skills development.

Independent Learning

Dohn now offers an online curriculum that allows students to work from home.


Special Classes & Activities

More information coming soon.

Success Academy: Ages 19-21

Students who have dropped out of high school before completing all credits needed for graduation can recover missing credits, working at their own pace, and with a schedule that is flexible to accommodate work and family requirements. Our Success Academy students study with other students their age and are guided by teachers and tutors dedicated to their academic and life success. 

Success Academy classes are offered at three locations, our Melrose Campus in Avondale, our North Campus in Roselawn, and our South Campus, Downtown, Cincinnati.


Traditional Program: 11th & 12th Grade

Students are in a traditional learning environment with smaller class sizes. Credit recovery for students is built into the school day.

More information coming soon.

Transition Program

Students with family or job responsibilities can take advantage of a shorter school day. Homework assignments contribute to the full school day experience, required by the Ohio Department of Education.  Our Transition Academy students enjoy a blended learning atmosphere, with self-paced learning and direct instruction guided by teachers and tutors dedicated to their academic and life success. Students study with students their age and with life responsibilities similar to their own.

Transition Academy classes are offered at three locations, our Melrose Campus in Avondale, our North Campus in Roselawn, and our South Campus, Downtown, Cincinnati.


22+ Program

Students 22 years of age or older earn a fully accredited high school diploma. There is no cost to the student.

Dohn Community High School’s 22+ Adult Diploma Program is one of twenty such programs in Ohio and the sole provider in Cincinnati. This innovative program is offered, at no cost to the student, to all persons 22 years of age or older who wish to earn a fully accredited high school diploma.

The 22+ program honors all previously earned credits, state testing results, and may award credit for work experience. Students must fulfill the requirements of the State of Ohio that were in effect at the time they entered ninth grade. This allows learners to complete coursework that they were unable to finish during high school without redundancy. To ensure a smooth transition into college or career pathways, both guidance and support are personalized for each individual graduate, empowering them to realize their dreams as they exit the program.

Between our winter and spring 2018 graduations, Dohn’s 22+ Adult Education Program has graduated 298 students.

Vocational Pathways

Over the past few years, Dohn has developed vocational pathways that help students become work-ready and identify options for their post-secondary life success.  Read more about our vocational pathways here

For more information about vocational pathways, contact Ms. Anteia Greer, Vocational Coordinator, 513 281-6100 x 1021 or




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