Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?

A charter school is an independent public school that is designed and operated by educators, community leaders, and others. Charter schools are sponsored by designated state and local organizations that monitor their quality, but allow them to operate freely. Like public schools, charter schools are state-funded according to enrollment. However, unlike public schools, Ohio charter schools do not receive revenues from property taxes.

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Who attends Dohn Community High School?

DCHS is a high school designed to help the students that have fallen behind their peers in credits. With flexible hours and multiple programs DCHS is sure to have a program to meet the student where they are at educationally.

Is there a cost to attend DCHS?

There is an annual fee of $40 per academic year.

What kind of diploma do I get upon graduation from DCHS?

A diploma from DCHS is equal to a diploma from any other high school accredited by the Ohio Department of Education..

What are school hours at DCHS?

With the variety of programs offered by DCHS comes flexibility in the hours a student attends school. We offer traditional high school hours of 7:45am – 2:08pm as well as programs that have Credit-flex which allows students to spend reduced hours at school and do some work at home.

Please contact the school at 513-281-6100 with questions regarding the programs offering Credit-flex.

How many credits do I need to graduate from DCHS?

DCHS requires 21 credits for a student to graduate. A counselor will assist the students in knowing exactly what is required for them to graduate. 

What kind of classes are offered at DCHS?

DCHS offers traditional high school curriculum that follows Ohio Department of Educations requirements. We also offer a growing list of electives and vocational options to our students. 

Does DCHS have a graduation ceremony?

Yes! We actually hold two graduation ceremonies each school year. We hold a graduation ceremony in January for our mid-year graduates and then a second ceremony in May. We have had a growing number of graduates each year. and we have recently had graduating classes with more than 100 graduates!

How do I enroll in DCHS?

To enroll in DCHs, please call us at 513-281-6100 extension 1005 to schedule your appointment.

If you need further information, please call 513-281-6100 or email

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