Brightened Spirits at the Cincinnati Zoo

Oct 28, 2020 | Events, Students

An enormous and joyful thank you to the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens for the Dohn Student Field Trip on October 22, 2020. Jim Lamping, Dohn’s first-class Chemistry and Science Teacher, assessed the class energy and knew that his students needed a break because of the limiting conditions of COVID. He arranged a field trip for them to the Zoo, under COVID safe conditions. The students and teacher chaperones had a fabulous time.

Mr. Lamping shares, “The students were very respectful to the other visitors allowing smaller children to have space to see the animals.  They loved the indoor Bonobo exhibit because the Bonobo’s interacted with them coming to the glass. They were very curious, asking me multiple questions at each exhibit, then on the Kangaroo section called HOPS, they asked the keepers multiple questions.”  

The weather was perfect. In a spacious and playful environment, being outdoors in the fresh air brightened our students’ spirits. Dohn students live at or below the poverty line and rarely have a chance to enjoy cultural adventures.

One of the students has a last name with the word “duck” in it, and this student made the most of that connection. He called the ducks at the Zoo over to him as “my peoples,” and the entire class got in on the fun.

The ducks did waddle over to this student, and with that success, the playful student called more animals over to him. Mr. Lampingreports, “He was hilariously calling the animals over to him’ ” My dude, come on 

over.” Especially the Orangutan, my dude, get up and come here. I want to see you get up. He called the apes’ over in the same way,’my dude come here.'”

Our students rarely get to laugh and play and enjoy nature outings like their peers in more affluent school districts. This fun learning experience was made possible by the Cincinnati Zoo’s kind generosity and the remarkable leadership and dedication of Jim Lamping, a wise, caring, and dedicated teacher at Dohn for 15 years.

Thank you Mr. Lamping and the Cincinnati Zoo!