Dohn…On Broadway

Nov 9, 2022 | Community Partners, Students

“I believe that if you’ll just stand up and go, life will open up for you.” – Tina Turner

Field trips have long been considered an essential part of the school experience – they give students the opportunity to build cultural understanding and tolerance, and expose them to words outside their own. School trips are also proven to result in better grades and superior in-class performance.

The majority of Dohn CHS students come from single parent homes, live at or below the poverty line, and often have to take care of siblings (or work themselves) to help out at home. They rarely, if ever, get exposure to the arts or other cultural activities outside of the classroom.  

Thanks to Broadway in Cincinnati, over a dozen Seniors (chosen based on the criteria of attendance, behavior, grades, and credit recovery progress) from Dohn Community High School were able to attend The Tina Turner Musical on November 2, 2022.

Dohn CHS teacher Michael Starks expressed, “I am very grateful that my kids got to experience such a wonderful evening of music and fellowship unlike any other of their life!

In fact, the reactions of the students pretty much says it all:

“We learned a lot about Tina Turner through her music and life story. I was inspired.” – Jameela

“Being away from school allowed me to see my peers in a different light. We have more things in common than I thought.” – Jabari

“This experience allowed me to see something that I never imagined I would enjoy.” – Rameko

“I loved everything about this experience – it made me feel grown!” – Trinity

We are so grateful to our community partners and donors who continue to make field trips possible for Dohn Community High School students – It Makes a Difference!

A group of Black high school students poses in the hallway of a theater, smiling and doing fun poses for the camera.