Dohn Students Invite Preschoolers Next Door for Halloween

Nov 15, 2020 | Events

Pop-up Trick or Treating brings smiles to little faces

Sometimes it only takes a little effort to make a big impact.

The children at Little Promises Preschool, located next door to the Dohn West Building, were discussing how sad they were that COVID-19 was going to put a damper on trick or treating. Their director, Candace Rholl, got an idea.

She called Cassie Hunter, Dohn’s West Building Coordinator, to ask if Dohn’s students would be willing to host a Halloween parade and hand out candy.

Cassie agreed right away, because a much-larger community Halloween event Dohn had planned had been cancelled, and our students were disappointed too. Candace snuck over some candy and Dohn staff added more. The students got in the spirit, making instant costumes out of materials at hand. One put newspaper in their T-shirt to make a ball, then glued on red solo cups to turn himself into a COVID Monster.

Everyone wore masks, and the costumed preschoolers paraded by a socially-distanced gauntlet of Dohn students, who put candy in the children’s buckets. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” provided the soundtrack, accompanied by cries of “TRICK OR TREAT!” and shrieks of laughter.

Our students loved bringing smiles to the preschoolers’ faces.

Life is so much more beautiful and worthy when kindness and care are extended – this was amazing. A huge thanks to Dohn’s West campus leadership and students for being part of a great team and making a difference for the community!