Dohn Prep Basketball Player Miggy Makes it to the Pros

May 2, 2018 | Sports

After its first season of playing, Dohn Prep Basketball announces that one of its star student-athletes is going pro. Luis Miquel Silfa, known as Miggy, joins LaVar Ball’s New York Ballers. This pro team is part of the Junior Basketball Association, an organization that provides an alternative for gifted players to play professionally without advancing through the National Collegiate Athletic Association, (NCAA).

Dohn Prep has clearance to accept athletically gifted students from throughout the United States. Miggy comes from Bronx, New York.

Lead teacher, Pieter Elmendorf, shares that Miggy had not been successful academically in New York, due to significant gaps in school attendance. While enrolled in Dohn Prep’s student-centered programming, Miggy was able to comply with attendance and focus on his studies with the kind of diligence that pays dividends.

Coach Samual Villegas shares that “Miggy is a competitor who brings high energy every day, whether it’s a game or practice. He is a team player and has a positive attitude. I know he’ll do great things at the next level.”

A star himself, Coach Villegas led his first-year team to a 17 and 3 record. The experience from fans in the stands is that Coach Villegas delivers a team that plays as a team.  This foundational training serves Miggy well as he advances in his professional career.

Players’ salaries in the Junior Basketball Association range from $3,000 to $10,000 per month. The tenet that “Not all roads to success are paved through college,” could be a Dohn mantra. From our traditional high school to our Success and Transition programs for 18 to 21-year-olds, to our 22+Adult Education Program to Dohn Prep, Dohn is A Place Where Dreams Come True.

We look forward to witnessing great things from Miggy, and Dohn Prep is proud to have been able to assist him successfully on his pro-basketball journey.