About Dohn Prep Programs

Dohn Prep Program is a tuition-free program for athletically-gifted students seeking academic support and competitive, NCAA qualifying play. The first program of its kind in Ohio, Dohn Prep is based in Cincinnati, and on the demonstrated drop-out recovery success of its parent school, Dohn Community High School.  

With compliance, Dohn Prep student-athletes can expect to raise GPA and ACT/SAT scores and graduate high school. With academic success, and amplified playing exposure, our student-athletes explore scholarships and college education futures that were once a dream.

Dohn Prep’s Director, Ramone Davenport, created this program to meet an acute and pressing need. Gifted student-athletes in basketball and football lose opportunity and fulfillment because of academic challenges. Davenport has 18 years’ experience in charter schools and is a demonstrated master of success with drop-out recovery students. He has gathered an academic support team and created solid infrastructure around the needs of these gifted, yet at-risk youth. Under his leadership, the student population of Dohn Community High School grew from 50 students in 2009 to 813 students in 2016. The school consistently meets or exceeds Ohio State Board of Education Graduation standards.

Davenport has direct experience as a star student-athlete. In his four years at Muskingum University, Zanesville, Ohio, he started in both football and baseball. After college, he played infield for the Ohio Valley Redcoats before joining Roanoke, Virginia’s arena football team, Steam, where he was wide receiver for two seasons. From there, he played for Cincinnati Swarm before becoming General Manager for the National Indoor Football League’s Dayton Bulldogs and majority owner of the Wayne County Rumble, the Great Lakes Indoor Football League.

Ramone Davenport leads Dohn Prep with experience, caring, and knowledge of what it takes to help your student-athlete make it to the next level. Accomplished Head Coaches, Moe Cooper for Football and Travis McAvene lead our Dohn Prep teams. Nigel Madaris is our gifted Athletic Coordinator

Dohn Prep Details

• Free Tuition
• Van Transportation to and from school, sports, provided
• Three meals a day, 7 days a week, included
• Student pays expenses for housing and personal incidentals

Cincinnati, Ohio is a diverse, culturally, academically and athletically rich metropolitan area

Ohio residents who are classified as High School Seniors and who have not yet graduated high school are eligible to apply to Dohn Prep

Families or Guardians find and pay for the student-athlete’s housing for his six-month stay

Dohn Prep Six Month Terms
Football – August to November
Basketball – November to February

Daily Life of the Dohn Prep Athlete
• Three meals a day, 7 days a week are provided
• Van transportation provided between housing, school, practice and games
• Curfews in place
• An assigned Supervisor-Mentor

2017-2018 Football Schedule (Down Load Schedule) 

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Benefits of Dohn Prep

Student athletes can expect to reach the academic success that leads to high school graduation. They can expect to reach athletic success through Dohn Prep’s fostering of increased physical stamina, skill building, mental focus and collaborative sense of team play that makes for success on and off the field. They can expect college scholarship options because the elite prep and small college teams in Dohn Prep’s schedule qualify for NCAA play, offering greater scouting exposure.

Families and guardians can expect to see in their student-athlete an increase in maturity, accomplishment, earning capacity and positive engagement with life through this exceptional, rigorous program.

Coaches can expect to see their development dreams come true for the student-athletes they have expertly nurtured to this next step.

Complete the Letter of Intent (Click Here)

For questions and more information contact:
Nigel Madaris, 513 281-6100, x1020  • 513 846-0977 cell • nmadaris@dohnschool.org   

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