Dohn Does it Again!

Jun 9, 2022 | Events, Students

Summer School is underway, and Dohn Community High School is also proud to announce that we are launching a new vocational program, the Dohn Career Center. More to come on this exciting venture in future newsletters…

This forward momentum would not be possible without our past successes. Certainly, Graduation fuels the fire of the aspirations we have for all of our students.

Dohn Community High School, with its 10 programs (and counting!) graduated a record total of 590 students during the 2021-2022 school year. 215 of those are graduates of our thriving 22+ program.

Simply put, Dohn Community High School continues to grow and exceed expectations! We meet students where they are in their educational and life skills development. Dohn provides the support and attention students need to succeed, services they did not receive elsewhere. Dohn is “The School of Choice – Making Dreams Come True”

Most of our students face outside life challenges, often taking care of siblings, a sick parent, or holding down a job to make ends meet. Because of Dohn’s unique, targeted programming and talented, dedicated staff, our students feel encouraged and continue to work hard at completing the required credits to earn a diploma.

Last year, Dohn added a third, Summer graduation, for students who were just a few credits shy of the Year-End Spring Commencement. The addition proved to be such a success, with 66 graduates, that Director Ramone Davenport has made it a permanent fixture in Dohn’s school calendar.

Proudly marching through another successful Winter Graduation, the 2021-2022  School Year culminated with a stirring Spring Graduation. Once again held at the Cintas Center, Dohn students promenaded down the center aisle before a packed crowd of family and friends, enthusiastically cheering them on. In some cases, the student would be the first in their family to graduate from high school.

One by one names were announced. Each student took to the stage with a smile, and oftentimes a wave, cheer, or dance. Not only did the students accept their diploma, but they also received a vigorous handshake, high five, or a heartfelt hug from Mr. Davenport.

At the end of the ceremony, Purple and Black confetti showered down on the students, who looked up with expressions of pride, joy, and hope. Just as Dohn continues to look forward to the promising school years and graduations to come.

As Always, Dohn thanks you for your support – Be The Difference & Make The Difference!

Graduation Speeches

Mr Davenport
Guest Speaker – Brian Dell

Student Speakers

Keontae Bell
Samuel Davis
Somoli Cooper
Pre-recorded  Speeches
Simeon Whittle