Dohn School Counselors


We are a team of educational, mental health professionals dedicated to helping our students reach their fullest potential through academic, career, social, and personal support. We advocate for students by collaborating with parents and staff and networking with local community services and resources.

For educational questions contact your School Counselor listed below.

For general questions, call 513-281-6100 or email
Stay connected, stay healthy, and stay Dohn strong!

Dohn Dohn Students • Building Transfer Information

Transfers between buildings will only be available at two times during this school year. Any student who needs to transfer to another building must do so BEFORE September 3, 2021. No transfers will be completed after that date until the start of second semester. Transfers will open again between January 3 – 14, 2022.

Please contact your counselor with any transfer questions.

Please note: Counselors do not maintain 24/7 access to their emails. Your safety and well-being are important!

If this is a counseling emergency that cannot wait until the next business day, please reach out to one of these resources:

Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255 

Talbert House Crisis Line (Hamilton County): Call 513-281-2273 or text Talbert to 839863

Crisis Text Line: text “HELLO,” “START,” or “HOME” to 741741

Safe Schools Tip Line: Call or text 844-723-3764

Nikki Elmore • Lead School Counselor 

Student’s last name: C and D – H

Cece Higgins • School Counselor •   Phone: 513-999-8857

Student’s last name: B and I – M

Melany Hire • School Counselor •  Phone: 513-999-8843

Student’s last name: A and N – S & DVA Students

Kassandra Leach • School Counselor •  Phone: 513-999-8849

Student’s last name: T – Z & Dohn Corps Students

Chelsea Kern• School Counselor • Phone: 513-276-0021

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