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Dohn Community High School Athletics Department


Our Value, Mission, Vision, and Strategic Goals and Dohn Athletic Teams

The Dohn Community High School Department of Athletics recognizes a commitment to serve its student-athletes. Our primary commitment is to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to fully develop their academic and athletic potential. We understand that through practice, training and competition, excellence is attained. The department strives to instill in each student-athlete:

  • Good sportsmanship and personal integrity
  • Loyalty to the team and the ability to compete together as a team
  • An appreciation of the benefits of hard work, motivation and perseverance
  • Pride in accomplishments gained through fair and honest means

A strong athletic program generates pride and enthusiasm in students, alumni, the school as a whole, and the community which it serves. The school’s athletic program helps make public the accomplishments and academic goals it has attained.

With the on-going support and appreciation of these values, by the director and the school board, the following have been established.

Our Values

Integrity: Panther Athletics has an obligation to exhibit the highest integrity, everywhere it goes and in everything it does.

Excellence: Panther Athletics resolves to demonstrate excellence in everything it does.

Loyalty: Panther Athletics promotes a demonstration of loyalty to our school, our teams, and our fans. In order to understand where it is and where it wants to go, it is vital to define those qualities that it holds in the highest regard.

Our vision prompts us to answer these guiding questions:

  • What qualities make a national championship team?
  • What traits does a successful graduate possess?

What makes an individual a “Dohn Panthers?

Our Mission

In supporting and promoting the Dohn Community High School mission, Panther Athletics maintains the trust and respect of alumni and fans. This is accomplished by graduating student-athletes, striving for excellence and competing with integrity.

Our purpose is to provide a sound, competitive athletics program that represents the school in a distinguished manner. In turn, this provides student-athletes the opportunity to develop physically, socially, ethically, and mentally. Therefore, the athletic program will provide:

  1. quality coaching
  2. safe facilities, including excellent competition venues
  3. assistance for the promotion of academic excellence

Our main objective is to assist student-athletes in their educational pursuits.  They will reach their highest potential through support, guidance and motivational programs. This assistance is intended to provide maximum opportunity for student-athletes in reaching their full potential. Dohn Community High School is committed to excellence and our athletic department mirrors this.

It is the goal of the athletic department to serve and direct student-athletes along a path that combines their educational and athletic pursuits.

Our Vision

We are striving to be a model program for excellence in academics and athletics

Our expectation, as a department, is to reach the highest levels of success in each sport program. We are striving to be winners, recognizing that an elite program is reflected by the quality of the athletes and coaching personnel.

The success for our athletic department will be represented by excellence both on the field and in the classroom.

Our Strategic Goals

Academics: To assist and encourage Panther student-athletes to reach their full academic potential.

Student-Athlete Welfare: Provide each student athlete with an opportunity to grow personally and enjoy a positive experience at Dohn Community High School and within the community.

Sportsmanship: We stress to our staff, athletes and fans the need to respect the sport, themselves and others.

Winning: Provide the facilities, coaches and resources necessary to build a Panther-winning tradition.

Diversity: Provide opportunities for our students to participate in sports in a non-discriminatory manner.

Equity: Provide appropriate facilities and resources equitably without regard to gender.

Advocacy: Engage the Dohn Community High School community, Panther fans, former athletes and alumni in the promotion of our mission and accomplishments.

School Relations: The mission of Dohn Community High School is to benefit of all students, staff, and the community. Our goals reflect the optimism of those directly and indirectly involved with the program. We strive to present the key elements of a successful program as viewed from all imaginable positions. Our goals are not likely to change appreciably from year to year. If they are suitable, they will produce ever greater outcomes and results. The significant challenge to achieving our goals is to link desired outcomes to ever-changing factors, such as resources and personnel.


Interested in enrolling in a program? Need further information or have questions?

Please Contact…

Nigel Madaris: 513-281-6100, x1020
Cell: 513-846-0977


Programs are listed in alphabetical order.

Basketball Program

We will field two boys’ teams and one girls’ team. The boy’s teams will represent Dohn Community High School and Dohn Prep Academy. Our coaches recognize that basketball intelligence quotient and work ethic rule the game. This knowledge helps each coach support the Dohn Prep students as they prepare to take the ACT and SAT tests as well as improves their core NCAA grade point average. With knowledge of this philosophy, our student athletes have the potential to be stellar college students that earn the best scholarships available.

Boxing and Punching 4 Peace

Dohn’s boxing program was created to provide a fun, friendly environment where students are able to get an outstanding workout, build friendships, and learn the sport of boxing. The mission of the boxing program, athletes, and coaches is to develop character, support the sport, and promote the growth of amateur boxing in the high-school arena.

Cheer and Dance Program

Our purpose is to promote a sense of self-esteem, good sportsmanship, and physical well-being in all of our students. While acquiring and perfecting the fundamental skills of cheerleading, and various styles of dance, students will learn routines that embody these fundamentals and will perform these routines at the regional level. We provide a safe, fun, and friendly environment where students will work under the guidance of caring professionals. They can assist each student in reaching their full potential. Our goal is to educate young people in these sport fundamentals while also teaching them the importance of life qualities. We strive to instill a positive attitude, honesty, energy, responsibility, commitment, hard work, dedication, pride, and teamwork. Over time, we hope to educate the community by increasing the support and popularity of cheerleading and dance as well as maintaining a winning tradition.

Football Program

The mission of the Dohn Community High School’s football program is to field a team that excels on the field, achieves in the classroom, and positively impacts our school and community. Every athlete in our program will be treated with respect and dignity as we strive to reach our potential both as individuals and as a team. We will always play the game with dignity, within the rules and with great intensity. Our program and the football community will value and appreciate diversity. Each individual will experience a safe environment that allows them to acquire the knowledge, work ethic, and communication skills necessary to become responsible and productive members of society. 

Track and Field Programs

Dohn Community High School offers cross-country and track and field to help achieve student’s personal goals while realizing the many benefits of a lifetime committed to being physically fit. It additionally supports active involvement in our community, regardless of a student’s future endeavors.

Volleyball Program

Dohn Community High School provides athletes with technical skills training and tactical instruction in a positive learning environment. This fosters personal growth and development of a passion for the game of volleyball.

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