Dohn Announces Greater Cincinnati Foundation Grant Award

Dec 21, 2018 | Community Partners

As an inner-city, credit recovery school, Dohn Community High School educates students that other area schools are unable to teach. Many of our students come to us having been failed by these schools, due to learning challenges or issues of classroom management

More than a few of our high school students arrive at Dohn High with 5th-7th-grade reading capacities. We needed funding support to help these students increase their reading competency to grade level.

Dohn is thrilled to announce that Greater Cincinnati Foundation has awarded a $25,000.00 grant for our Remedial Road to Enrichment program. This grant covers the cost of two tutors to work with our ninth and tenth graders to increase reading competency to grade level.

People who read easily can forget the struggle that comes with not being able to read well or comprehend what is read.  This necessary educational support is essential for living a fulfilled life that includes making meaningful contributions to society. We are grateful to Greater Cincinnati Foundation and their commitment to helping our full-of-potential Dohn students build a better community within Cincinnati.

We look forward to sharing updates, progress reports, and outcomes of Dohn’s Remedial Road to Enrichment which GCF has so generously funded.