Dohn 22+ Adult Education Spring 2018 Graduation

May 28, 2018 | Dohn Programs

Dohn’s 22+ Adult Education Program is changing lives in Cincinnati. On May 23, 2018, 130 adult students graduated. During the January 2018 graduation, 168 adult students were awarded their diplomas, for an astounding 298 total graduates in 2018.

Adult students come to Dohn, the only school in Cincinnati offering this statewide program because they dropped out of high school earlier in their lives and now, they want to graduate. Our 22+ Adult Education Program succeeds because teachers meet students where they are and provide personalized support to help even the most challenged student complete his or her high school studies.

Crystal Bossard, Early Childhood Program Chair and Lead Sociologist at Cincinnati State, gave the inspiring keynote address to our graduates and their families. A short version of the graduation video follows, and a more extended version of the video is here.

Congratulations to all Dohn graduates!