Thanks to Core Educational Services

Oct 10, 2017 | Community Partners

Dohn Community High School publicly thanks, Core Educational Services for their $10,000.00 contribution for uniforms for our varsity football team, the Dohn Panthers.

In reaching out to Core in acknowledgment of their generous gift, this is their response:

I would like to thank Dohn School and Mr. Davenport for the highlight on Core Educational Services. Honestly, there would not be a Core Educational Services if it wasn’t for Dohn. Core was started by a group of educators who saw the need for Core subject matters, ones that were being neglected in the urban school districts such as Classroom Management, Diversity, Testing and Special Education.

Outside of some lectures throughout Kentucky and Ohio, we were limited to addressing schools by conferences. Mr. Kenneth Ferrier, Dohn’s superintendent at the time gave, us an opportunity to do professional Development with the staff, and that’s how we got started in 2015. We incorporated, and since then, Core has expanded into areas such as Mental Health, Staffing, and Professional Development. Charter School Management will be our most recent venture. We have served schools in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus and look forward to opportunities in more cities and states.

All of Core consultants still work in district, Universities or charter schools. This is how we stay in touch with practical solutions for complex issues. The donation was prompted by the history we have with Dohn, as mentioned earlier.

All of life is built on relationship; from the intimate relationships of family and friends to workplace relationships that allow the work to get done, to the commercial relationships where one business, corporation or institution entwines with one another to make each other better, relationships measure our success.

We, at Dohn, are grateful to call Core Educational Services our partner and business friend. Every time our Dohn Panthers go out onto the field, wearing their Core uniforms, we give thanks for our vital connection. Thank you, Core!

Core is located at 7672 Montgomery Rd #1, Cincinnati, Ohio 45236 and by phone at 513-655-5027.