Community Connector Makes a 400-Desk Difference

Oct 16, 2020 | Community Partners

Think one person can’t make a difference?
Steven Murphy, Regional Sales Manager for, just did.

Steven is a great example of a Community Connector. In a feat of complex logistics, he facilitated a donation of 400 school desks to Dohn from another customer. This other local high school purchased new desks for the 2020-2021 school year. Seeing the need and seizing the opportunity, Steven asked the school if they would donate the used desks to Dohn. The school graciously said yes, and Steven facilitated the delivery.


Desks mean the world to Dohn students

Steven Murphy and exemplify what it means to be caring, engaged community members in these challenging times. As you can see in the video about this gift, these desks mean the world to Dohn students. Our students had nothing – no tables, no chairs, no way to sit, learn, and do their schoolwork. Thanks to Steven,, and this very kind other school, now they do!

Dohn’s 1,000 students are Brown and Black, and live below the poverty line. Many come to Dohn as teenagers reading at the second- to fifth-grade level, because education failed them at earlier learning points. Dohn students fall into the gap of forgotten students.

The participants in this desk donation did not forget our precious, resilient, full-of-potential students. Thanks to them, 400 Dohn students now have desks for focused, concentrated learning in the months and years ahead.

We are deeply grateful to all involved in making this donation happen, especially the visionary and kind community leadership of Steven Murphy.

Steven manages the Kay -Twelve region of which Ohio is a part. While Dohn has been a client for many years, we have not purchased any furniture from them in a long time. That did not stop Steven from taking exceptional care of Dohn as a customer.

Dohn students succeed because every day, someone like Steven steps up. Be the one who makes the difference today. Donate here (link)