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Dohn Community High School

College Credit Plus Program

College Credit Plus (CCP) – The program where, as a high school student, you can earn college credits while still in high school – getting the opportunity to jump-start your college education – saving you time and money.

Through CCP, you can take college-level courses at participating colleges and universities. Credits earned are then transferred to your future college or university of choice!

Our program provides you a seamless transition from high school to college and offers a wide range of courses to cater to different academic interests and goals.

Attend a Intro Session: Wed, February 7th, 4-6pm
Contact Ms Ebony for details: • 513-528-6580


Benefits of CPP

As a CPP student, you have the option to earn college credits in each college course when you earn a passing grade. You will work at your own pace, earning up to 30 college credits per school year for each of the two years you are successfully enrolled in CPP. You can apply your earned credits to receive an Associate’s Degree, or keep building to obtain a four-year College Degree.

What is included? FREE books and tuition!

Credit Transfer Access to certified professors college credits are earned from regionally certified universities and colleges.


  • 3.0 GPA
  • No Credit Deficiency
  • Highly Motivated
  • 7-12 Grade Eligible

“The College Credit Plus program is an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world. I always pushed myself and felt I had to get straight As no matter what. In my mind, I felt I had a reputation to live up to – I couldn’t fail. Even if something wasn’t for a grade, I wanted to know my work was the best, but that is where I went wrong. All I did was cause myself unnecessary stress.

The CCP program gave me the courage to unlock my true potential as a student and I am so grateful that it did. Yes, some days were challenging, but that’s what life is – a challenge to see who is going to make it and do something with their life and education. The teachers at CCP helped me to focus on my goals and get ready for college.”

-S. Deleon

How to Get Started

Is CCP a Good Fit For You?

Reach out to Ms Nelson, to see if CCP is a good fit. Discuss the options you have for earning college credit in high school.

Choosing Your University

As a CCP student, you can take up to 30 college credits a year. This accelerated learning track helps you get a jump-start on your future career at no cost to you. CCP partners with colleges and universities that offer virtual classes. Talk with your family and your counselor to determine the colleges and universities that are a match for you – you will continue your education after you graduate from high school.

Taking a College Placement Test

Once you have determined the colleges and universities that interest you, a college placement test will help determine which courses to take. A study guide is available to help prepare you for the placement test.


Please contact Ms Ebony Nelson for details:  •  513.628.6580