Dohn Community High School

Student Code of Conduct

The student Code of Conduct is based on the idea that learning takes placed in a disciplined environment and that students have a responsibility to use the services and facilities of the Dohn Community High School for the purpose of education. Rules that regulate student behavior have been adopted by the Dohn Community High School Board of Trustees in order to operate the school in an efficient and orderly manner. Other acts not listed may exist in disciplinary action if the behavior is disruptive, hinders other students’ learning, violates the right of others or is considered to be inappropriate.

Any student who engages in the following types of conduct is subject to disciplinary measures ranging from verbal reprimand, removal from school. Students found in violation of the weapons policy of the school are subject to a one-year expulsion from the school.

School personnel will consider a variety of factors in deciding the discipline that should be administered to a student. Students who help other students violate the code of conduct will also be disciplined.

The Code of Conduct applies to any Dohn student in the custody or control of the school, in the school building or on school grounds, in the general proximity of the school building or school grounds, at a school-sponsored function or activity or on school sponsored buses. The Code also governs student conduct at any time, both on and off school grounds, when such conduct reasonably relates to the health, safety, or welfare of Dohn students, interrupts the educational process of Dohn Community High School or another school, or in the judgment of the school officials, is considered school related.

Listed are the steps to be followed by the administration when student misbehavior occurs:

Level 1: Under level 1 punishment, the misconduct will be addressed by the teacher, and the teacher may either: (a) verbally reprimand the student; (b) provide an oral or written notification to parents; (c) issue a classroom detention; (d) conduct a teacher conference with parents; (e) separate the student from peers; (f) issue a detention; and/or (g) deny the student classroom privileges. Repeated offenses may result in Saturday School, up to a 10 day suspension or possible expulsion, as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent or his designee.

Level 2: All the steps listed in Level 1, plus the following: Under level 2 punishment, if the same acts of misconduct continue or if serious acts of misconduct occur, a conference with the parent/guardian, teacher and/or principal is held in order to discuss the incident and develop an appropriate corrective incident and develop an appropriate corrective action plan and/or disciplinary action. Appropriate action may include suspension.

Level 3: All the steps in Levels 1 and 2, plus the following: The pupil may be suspended for up to 10 school days.

Level 4: All the steps in Levels 1, 2. and/or 3, plus the following: The pupil may be expelled for up to 80 days, unless one year is allowed or mandated by law.

Not all acts of misconduct can be itemized. The following section is a list of some of the main areas of conduct which will lead to disciplinary action

If you wish to see the Student Code of Conduct, you may secure a copy by contacting the school at 281-6100, ext. 1010.