Celebrate National School Counseling Week

Feb 11, 2022 | Teachers & Staff

At Dohn, we recognize that our counselors have a tremendous impact on students’ lives.

Dohn counselors help students achieve success in life, at school, and planning for a career. 


(from left to right)

Ms. Higgins • Counselor at the West Campus and Hamilton Campus. She was born in Cincinnati and went to NKU and UC. She enjoys travel, hiking, and photography. In her 3rd year at Dohn,  her favorite thing about being a school counselor is seeing a student realize their full potential.
This past summer, Ms. Higgins volunteered by working with sea turtles, helping collect and protect their eggs and making sure the hatched babies safely made it back to the ocean. 

Ms. Elmore • Counselor at Dohn’s South and Main campuses. She’s been a champion at Dohn for 6 years and her favorite thing about being a counselor is meeting and connecting with students from all different backgrounds.
She went to UC and Xavier. Born in Cincinnati Ms. Elmore enjoys cooking, playing the piano and watching football. Her favorite TV show is Friends.

Ms. Dell • Counselor at Dohn’s Colerain Campus and KTMIS (Keeping Teen Moms in School). In her 2nd year at Dohn, Ms. Dell always enjoys getting to know her students and watching them succeed.
Dell is a graduate of Ohio University and Northern Kentucky University. Ms. Dell enjoys reading and playing with her dog Gracie.  

Ms. Kern • Counselor at the  Dohn’s East Campus and also works with Dohn Corps. Like all of Dohn’s counselors, Ms. Kern goes above and beyond to give each Dohn student the attention and care they deserve.
She’s a graduate of Wright State and Northern Kentucky University. She used to work at a carnival helping with kids and rides. 

Ms. Leach • Counselor at the Dohn’s North Campus and DVA.  In her two years at Dohn, Ms. Leach’s favorite thing about being a counselor is watching her students grow as people and witnessing their “aha” moment.
She went to Bowling Green State University & Heidelberg University. She is from Tiro, Ohio and in her spare time enjoys creating vinyl projects like shirts and decals.  She’s had green, red, or purple hair since July.

To connect with our counselors… https://www.dohnschool.org/dohn-counselors/

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