22 plus program for adults

Students 22 years of age or older earn a fully accredited high school diploma. Dohn Community High School’s 22+ Adult Diploma Program is one of twenty such programs in Ohio and the sole provider in Cincinnati. This innovative program is offered, at no cost to the student, to all persons 22 years of age or older who wish to earn a fully accredited high school diploma. The 22+ program honors all previously earned credits, state testing results, and may award credit for work experience. Students must fulfill the requirements of the State of Ohio that were in effect at the time they entered ninth grade. This allows learners to complete coursework that they were unable to finish during high school without redundancy. To ensure a smooth transition into college or career pathways, both guidance and support are personalized for each individual graduate, empowering them to realize their dreams as they exit the program. Last school year alone, 2020-2021, the 22+ Program graduated over 400 students!

Dohn Community High School’s 22+ Program has NO affiliation with any 22+ program sponsored by Clermont Northeastern Schools

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