Dohn Alumni Association

In 19 years of success, Dohn has developed into a strong community of Panther Pride. Dohn’s success is the result of every single graduate. It is now time to establish Dohn’s Alumni Association, to celebrate, and build upon, our community’s success.

  • We want to hear your stories
  • We invite you to come to our classrooms and talk with students about life after graduation, continuing education, and entering the workforce
  • We will be offering services to alumni, such as access to employment pipelines, and for those who might need it, information on getting felonies expunged
  • We want you to join in the fun and root for our Dohn teams at sporting events, especially at our boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball, and Dohn Prep basketball, home games. These games are played at Dohn Fitness Academy, 4100 Reading Road, Cincinnati, 45229. You can can see the school calender here.
  • There will be invitations for participation in school-wide family events, and alumni specific events
  • Share your photo, and news of your life with us

Class of 2014

Johnson, DemarcoDeMarco Johnson Demarco Johnson, a Dohn graduate of 2014, came to Dohn because Cincinnati Public Schools were not working for him. He did succeed at Dohn, and upon graduation, he went to Cincinnati State where he also graduated. Mr. Johnson is now attending Shawnee State, studying Sports Management. His wise counsel to current students is to “Finish School. It is important. You cannot get to the next step without it.”   Venice, BrandonBrandon Venice Brandon Venice, a Dohn graduate of 2014, came to Dohn because he was kicked out of Cincinnati Public Schools. He arrived at Dohn in the 9th grade. “It was good,” he says, “everybody wanted me to graduate, especially the teachers.” Mr. Venice graduated from Cincinnati State a year ago, majoring in Culinary Arts. Today he is a cook at Prime Cincinnati, an upscale steakhouse. “I love it,” he says. His wise counsel to current Dohn students is to “Stay in school.”

Class of 2013

Ervin, EdayshaneeEdayshanee Ervin Edayshanee Ervin, 2013 attended Dohn as a freshman, directly enrolling after elementary school. She chose Dohn because of its small setting, and because of the success of her cousins who attended Dohn. Ms. Ervin admits to having a “Child mindset, and always staying in trouble.” She would get frustrated when she did not get the help she needed academically, and credits the teaching devotion of two teachers who were at Dohn then in helping her moved past that frustration. She started working in home care after graduation and went on to get her State Tested Nursing Assistant certification, which allowed Ms. Ervin to working in health care facilities. In 2016, Ms. Ervin had a daughter with a brachial plexus birth injury and is dedicated to finding a work schedule that accommodates her’ daughter’s needs. Ms. Ervin learned the lesson of the power of education and continued her studies. She is a June 2018 graduate of Great Oaks vocational training, earning her certificate as a Medical Assistant.

Class of 2012

Cornett, AsiaAsia Cornett

Asia Cornett, 2012 graduate, shares that she was a challenging student when she arrived at Dohn in the 9th grade. “I was stubborn, and Mr. Davenport helped me get out of trouble, repeatedly.” An accomplished woman of presence, Ms. Cornett went to Cosmotology School after Dohn, and she had her daughter in 2014. She is busy “building a brand,” and offers full cosmetology services, including cut, color, selling hair and mink lashes. Her wise counsel to current students is, “Number one, stay focused. Stay in school and be positive.” As one who has successfully traveled the path of resistance to success, Asia says, “Trust the process.”

Lipscomb, ShamundaShamunda Lipscomb

Shamunda Lipscomb, a 2012 Dohn graduate, arrived at Dohn being two grades behind. She admits to being “Out of Order.” Her Mama sent her to Dohn, and Ms. Lipscomb was suspended in the first week. Trouble continued for her, and she performed what could be described as a miracle, completing both the 11th and 12th grade assignments in the second half of the 2011 semester. With this herculean stamina, she was able to graduate. In 2015, her mother died, and Ms. Lipscomb had her son. Despite these two major life challenges, she has kept her focus and now attends Beckfield College. She will graduate next year and be able to sit her Licensed Practical Nurse licensure.

Class of 2009

Green, Sierra

Sierra Green, Dohn graduate of 2009, represents a spirited success story. She presents as a woman of accomplishment, and her path backs that up that strength. She did not want to go to Dohn, and got kicked out. She reapplied, with a focus on completing her graduation. She finished her studies, however, did not pass the Ohio Graduation Tests. With true resilience, she kept at it, and did pass the tests and was able to graduate in 2009. After graduating at Dohn, Ms. Green graduated from Brown Mackie with a degree in criminal justice. She started in security and was promoted to the level of Sergeant. About two years ago, life took another turn and Ms. Green made a career change. She started working at US Bank as a Default Counselor. She counsels people who are default on their home mortgages. The focus of her work is to help her clients find a way for them to save their homes. Ms. Green has already been promoted and travels to Texas and Iowa, training other Default Counselors. Her advice to current students is to “Get focused, and stay on track.”

Ridley, DonovanDonavan Ridley

Donovan Ridley, a 2009 graduate, came to Dohn because Hughes High School was not working. He admits to being immature at the time, and his Mom sent him to Dohn. “It was a better fit,” he says. “And looking back on that time now, it was a smooth transition.” Upon graduation, Mr. Ridley’s first job was at McDonald’s. He had jobs here and there until he landed at Spectrum, formerly Time Warner, where he is a sales representative. “It has been good for me,” he shares. Mr. Ridley also transitioned into family life. In 2012, he had his first daughter, and in 2013, he and the mother of his daughter married, and then now have a second daughter.” “Parenting can be easy,” he shares, “when you have a good support system, and there is teamwork and open communication.” The Ridley daughters are now six and three years old. Mr. Ridley presents as a man of the world, having settled into both professional and family life as a responsible man. His advice to current students is to “Stay focused. Never be afraid to ask for help.” As someone who experiences success in life, he shares with current Dohn students that, “Graduation is the end of high school life and the beginning of so much more.”

Warren, KaymannKaymann Warren

Kaymann Warren went to college at the Art Institute upon graduating from Dohn in 2009. After the Art Institute, Warren started working at a temp agency, Adeco and got a dream job of working for Cirque DuSoleil, out of Montreal. He started in customer service and soon became a Front of the House Manager, traveling with Cirque DuSoleil city by city, state by state, for eight years. During that time, there was a promotion to Backstage Manager Assistant, and time as a performer, doing aerial strap, Chinese pole and acronet performances. Warren is currently on the reserved list now, due to a performance injury. He is doing well in his recovery and looks forward to rejoining the troupe. Warren’s counsel to current Dohn students is: “Don’t take no for an answer.” He has seen in his life that when one door closes, another opens. “There is always something out there for you, no matter what.” Warren’s life success is testament to the resilience and openness to all possibility that is the trait of Dohn students.

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