To Donate,
Please Call
Aureal Williams 
513 281-6100, x1056


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Our Sponsors – Friends of Dohn

Each month we highlight a particular need of our students and school. For September, it is uniforms. Please consider donating to this cause, or to our general Friend of Dohn donation fund that supports the work of our school, teachers and amazing students. 

Donate towards Uniforms in September
Our students wear uniforms to help limit distraction to learning and to build the discipline required for becoming an adult in a working world. The uniform cost, per student, is $20.00 and many of our families cannot support that extra financial responsibility. Thank you for considering this fundraising project. We are grateful for your support.


Thank you to our sponsors!
Dohn Community High School and Dohn Prep Academy celebrate the support of local, regional and national businesses and organizations. Their investment support provides our students’ with an enriching educational experience that leads to graduation and viable career path options.

Our students, their families, our staff, our local community and greater society benefits from engaged students making their difference in the world. This outcome is possible through the generous support of our sponsors. We are grateful to all of our sponsors, for their unique contributions in support of our students, our school, and our world.

Profit Sharing = Effortless Giving

Amazon Smiles, FC Cincinnati, and Krogers will donate a portion of what you spend back to Dohn Community High School.

For more information, to donate, or to become a Friends of Dohn Sponsor, please contact:
Aureal Williams: 513 281-6100, x1056.


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