Employment Opportunities

Dohn Community High School, an innovative charter school with five locations in Cincinnati, Ohio, currently seeks:

• Intervention Specialist/Special Education Teacher

Come join our staff of dedicated, experienced and skilled Intervention Specialists working as a team headed by a progressive, responsive PhD Director of Special Education Services. As a dropout recovery school, our students have a challenging road to graduation. Students come to school dealing with life issues related to inner city living, in addition to their unique special needs.  Appropriate licensure, efficient time management skills, proven ability for precise and thorough documentation, the ability to work independently, while part of a team and sensitive, effective capacity for working with our student population are included in the hiring criteria.   This posting is for two part-time positions, ideal opportunities for a retired teacher, a mom who wants part-time work or a recent graduate. Caseload includes ten students with the responsibility of developing, documenting and delivering IEP services for a ten-student caseload.

• Speech Pathologists

Seeking two part-time speech pathologists with related experience providing speech pathology services for high school students. Responsibilities include developing, delivering and documenting speech goals for student IEPs. Strong Intervention Specialist Department in our dropout recovery high school. Team is led by  a progressive, responsive PhD Director of Special Education Services and includes collaborative team members.

• Special Education Tutor

Special Education Tutor provides instructional and behavioral support for dropout recovery students with special learning needs. Students have an IEP (Individual Learning Plan) developed by an Intervention Specialist. Responsibilities include collaborating with Intervention Specialist on the implementation of that plan in support of student’s continued progress toward graduation. Students who attend our school have accompanying life issues related to inner city living. Passion for helping a student succeed, capacity for collaboration, and strong work ethic define a successful candidate. Special Ed is a strong department in our school and working environment is supportive.

• Dean of Discipline

 Unique opportunity for exceptional candidate as Dean of Discipline at our dropout recovery, inner-city high school. Our dynamic students come to school bringing with them the hard issues of life in the inner city. Our Dean of Discipline inspires students to learn, grow and succeed despite these life challenges.  Dean of Discipline implements policies and procedures that prevent, de-escalate, and resolve infractions of school and Ohio Department of Education codes and standards. Endorses and monitors in-school suspension; suspends students when needed, and provides appropriate follow-up. Investigates student complaints and grievances. Capacity to lead by example of high moral code, negotiate conflict with fair resolution, communicate with parents, guardians, social service agencies, school security and staff in timely manner.  Participate in School Leadership Council, collaborating with other school Deans and Department Heads and a responsive School Director.  Working environment includes dedicated staff, monthly staff fitness challenge and a school that is growing in excellence.

Prefer candidate with Master’s Degree, previous leadership experience and proven ability to educate at-risk youth.

• Math Teacher

Come educate our dropout prevention, inner-city high school students to the fact that math is an interesting, understandable and vital requirement for life. Solid school leadership provided by a leadership team of Director, Deans, and Department Heads in coordination with a collaborative, engaged and dedicated teaching and support staff. Experience educating inner city youth preferred and Ohio Department of Education Certification required.

• Social Studies Teacher

Come educate our dropout prevention, inner-city high school students to the fact that understanding Social Studies adds 21st Century skills to their workforce ready portfolio. Solid school leadership provided by a leadership team of Director, Deans, and Department Heads in coordination with a collaborative, engaged and dedicated teaching and support staff. Experience educating inner city youth preferred and Ohio Department of Education Certification required.

• In-school Suspension Teacher

Responsible for providing in-school suspension as a progressive discipline technique for our at-risk for dropout high school population. Working knowledge of school and classroom codes and standards. Experienced working with a dynamic high school population using effective behavioral management techniques and de-escalation strategies that encourage cooperation and promote self-awareness within the student. Strong interpersonal communication skills, non-reactive conflict management capacities, ability to work as a member of a team and personal qualities of patience and sense of humor.  Collaborates with teachers on student assignments.  A goal of the position is to encourage student compliance, improved attendance and school performance. Communicates relevant student behaviors and psycho-social factors to teachers, school counselors and life coaches.  Collaborative, supportive working environment.

• Cafeteria Manager

Dynamic, inner city high school for dropout recovery students seeks an experienced Cafeteria Manager for duties of dispensing breakfast and lunches provided by the National School Lunch Program and overseeing meal distributions, ordering and stocking food supplies for six school locations. Supervise food presentation for school events. Position is open due to advancement of previous manager to another position within our school. Great working environment, collaborative staff and monthly staff fitness challenge.

• Tutors

At-and-during school tutors for English, Math, Science and Social Studies needed for at-risk for drop-out high school students. High satisfaction position for those interested in helping at-risk students learn, test well and graduate. Opportunities to tutor adult learners in our 22+ Adult Diploma Program, as well. One-on-one tutoring and group teaching sessions. Creative, stimulating and collegial work environment.

• Technology Teacher

High School Technology Teacher certified in Microsoft Certification processes and experienced in Program Development and working with inner city high school students. Dynamic teaching environment with strong school leadership, collaborative faculty and staff, and bright and engaging students.

Qualified Candidates can submit cover letter and resume to Nancy Byrd at nbyrd@dohnschool.org 

About Dohn

Dohn Community High School is a charter high school serving educational “at risk” 9th through 12th grade students in a disciplined environment. Our 22+ Adult Diploma Program educates adults over 22 years of age seeking a high school diploma.

We are currently at full staff for teachers and ancillary support, however, top quality candidates interested in employment within a vibrant program for at risk high school students and older adults are welcome to submit a cover letter and resume. Your application is kept on file for one year.

–– Competitive salaries, good fringe benefits, including health insurance.


An Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer
Dohn Community High School does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in any of its employment practices, educational programs, services or activities. Racial or sexual harassment is prohibited.