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CREDIT RECOVERY SCHOOL State Report Comparison

An Affirmative Action Equal Opportunity Employer
Posted on 04/26/2012
Dohn Community High School does not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in any of its employment practices, educational programs, services or activities. Racial or sexual harassment is prohibited.  READ MORE...
Local Report Card
To access a copy of the school's Local Report Card, go to the Ohio Department of Education web site. In the upper right corner, type in Community School Report Card in the search rectangle.  READ MORE...



Davenport pic w award


Ramon Davenport is not only an innovative leader, an inspiring principal, and an energetic dynamo, he is the remarkable force behind the success of Dohn Community High School.

His accomplishments range from increasing student enrollment and greatly improving the school’s graduation rate to creating and implementing several programs that accommodate student’s needs and schedules.  Mr. Davenport, along with his skilled team of educators, successfully increased the school’s state test scores.  Under his leadership, Dohn has recently implemented a new program for adults known as the 22 Plus Program.  In this program ANY adult over the age of 22 can enroll and receive a high school diploma after completing all the the program’s mandatory state requirements.

Ramon Davenport not only receives support and recognition for his great leadership from Dohn students, parents and community but also from his staff.  Last year the entire Dohn Community High School faculty honored him a with a “Creative Visionary” award.

Mr. Davenport’s accomplishments, as a great leader, are not only apparent in Cincinnati but were recognized on Friday, November 13, 2015 on the Ohio State University’s campus in Columbus during the Ohio Alliance For Public Charter School.  Congratulations Mr Ramone Davenport!


older student22 + PROGRAM

Dohn Community High School is the ONLY school in the greater
Cincinnati area that offers a Diploma Program to ADULTS and
SENIORS 22 years of age and older.  In the 22 + Program
you have a chance to earn a high school diploma, at NO COST
to you, the student, even if you are older than 21.  If you need
a few credits or need to pass the OGT tests, this is the program
for you!  Work at the school with a certified teacher or at home
or the library when you have time.
For more information about the 22 + Program at
Dohn Community High School, contact us at
513.281.6100 extension 1021.
We will be happy to answer any questions.

Information you will need to enroll:
. Birth Certificate
.  Proof of Residence
.  Transcript from your previous school (if you don't have a 
transcript, you will need to know what credits you have obtained.)


Welcome to Dohn Community High School
Our mission is to provide a quality education through shared responsibility in a safe supportive environment for all students to meet the challenges of a global society.

We are “Committed to Excellence”, and we work hard to make the site a primary source for timely information for all users, and a main gateway for improved communication between parents, teachers, students and other members of our community.

The audit report of Dohn Community High School's basic financial statements for the year ended June 30, 2011 are available for public inspection at 608 E. McMillan Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45206 between the hours of 10am- 2pm Monday through Friday. 


Prevention of Lead Poisoning
Exposures to lead in doses much smaller than previously thought represent a definable risk to children's health and their ability to learn.

The School will attempt to control the use and maintenance of lead-bearing building products and avoid the use of any educational or maintenance procedures or products which may create lead exposures.

The School assures that a parent or guardian outreach program will be implemented to properly communicate information regarding risks from lead and other heavy metals in an attempt to help prevent exposures, by including an information packet similar to that found in Appendix KK.

R.C. Chapter 3742.

See Appendix KK Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home.  read more by clicking on... Prevention of Lead Poisoning